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Transport of the product

Transport of the product

Product transport systems manufactured by our company are often an essential element of applications. We design and manufacture a wide range of belt conveyors for the food industry. Conveyors with modular belts and PVC are among the most popular. Structures supporting the conveyors are adapted to the needs of each client and designed individually.

We also produce items such as production line elements, vibrating feeders, fill baskets, feeders, chutes, sorting tables, and mechanical separation systems of a contaminated product. Our offer also envelops screw conveyors, as well as, classical belt conveyors designed for the heavy industry.

Ferromagnetic separation systems which are an integral element of product conveyors are another issue. These are complete systems designed for separation. The client should only provide the contaminated product. Here is an example of that solution.

In order to familiarize yourself with the sample application of the product conveyors we invite you to visit our gallery (link to gallery of product conveyors). Please keep in mind that this is only a small fraction of what we have accomplished and of our potential. If you are interested in similar applications, do not hesitate to contact us.